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This is an 11 ft. 6 inch long canoe modeled after Fritz Funk's Wackie Lassie, which he builds with his grade school kids in Juneau Alaska. Isaac.jpg (93269 bytes)
JoePirate.jpg (78400 bytes) Here are kids paddling double paddle canoes they built. This is a great first boat as there is less of a  learning curve for paddling than for rowing and sailing. britt_aldyn.jpg (91175 bytes)
simpcanoe.jpg (23902 bytes) The differences between Fritz's boat and mine is his have large fore and aft decks and "fun noodles" glued on as rub rails. We use spreaders instead of decks, regular wood rub rails,  and give more height to the dory styled transom to allow clamping on a trolling motor.
P1010015.jpg (74678 bytes) Here's Julie's kindergarten class goofing around the not-quite- finished canoe. 
cartop.jpg (36335 bytes) She car tops very easily.

Here she waits for a captain!

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Ahh, a boy and his dog....

Even with 220 lbs in her she still has plenty of freeboard.

I have a 15.5 ft version of this canoe on the drawing board that would allow you to nest the smaller one into the larger. I'm also working on a way to connect the two boats so they can be sailed like an outrigger canoe of the South Sea islands. Small package to transport & many options on arrival.
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Ready for a Row on Lake Swan.
Summer Breeze is my 11ft. 8 inch rowing and sailing skiff I won the Duckworks design contest with. The rowing version can be built in a 3 day workshop. Making the sail and sailing pieces is a project for another session. Alternatively, sail rig plans or kits are available if you'd like to go it on your own.
   Detailed build info. here.
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Here she is sailing at Cedar Key.

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