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 PYjessykeel.jpg (27480 bytes) The Start of a Dream...

When I was 9 years old, a model sailboat in a toy store window got me dreaming about sailing. I saved for many weeks to buy it, and spent many hours enthralled with imaginary voyages. It looked real good, but could have been even more inspiring if it had sailed well. 

PYjessysail.jpg (26981 bytes)
I've been making model boats for years trying to come up with one that was simple, good looking & rugged but most importantly would sail really well. I also added to my design "wish list" a potential to explore the behavior of different sail rigs. 

We named the first member of our pond skiff family "Dream Catcher" because you can't sail her without starting to dream a little.

There's nothing quite so powerfully creative as a dream held in a youthful mind...  SEED THE DREAM...

 I'm  happy to report that our Dream Catchers have started sparking the dreams & imaginations of many young sailors. PYcolorheel.jpg (36269 bytes)
Our simple step by step instructions can have you sailing in minutes. She can be "bare boat" sailed - un-finished wood - or painted and decorated to the captains whim.
PYstacked.jpg (16272 bytes) A fleet of Dream Catcher "Chameleons"  prepare for a voyage to a boat show...
PYwingnwing.jpg (22109 bytes) These craft are ideal for experimenting with and learning about the different points of sail. Here she's enjoying a downwind run "wing an' wing."

Here is a Simple Skiff recipe....

Take your new skiff, 
add a puff of moving air (a breeze to a blow) 
a dash of water (from a puddle to an ocean) 
combine with some time to play (a few minutes to a few hours) 
mix well ... 
This can lead to a lifetime addiction to sailboats, water, and nature!   enjoy....

Please send pictures!
      Here's a good one below....

PSdeanboats.jpg (46219 bytes) Thought you would like this picture of Dean and the little sail boats. Dean read Stewart Little and he dressed up as George and read the Sail Boat Chapter to his class today. He used his boat and Benjamin's and you can see Stewart sitting on the "Wasp". Of course the 'Wasp" won the sail boat race. Hope the boys get to finish the boat soon. 

(They're building one of my Mini-Sharpies.)

Experimental Plastic sails you can make for pennies...

A variety of sailing methods for your boat.

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