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Boat Projects - Kits & Plans - Information - Supplies - Software - Sail stuff
Reference - Community Boatbuilding - Inspiration - Curiosities -Misc.

        Meta Links... links to other folks links ;-)

  The Mother of all Maritime Links!  Just what it says it is... and it's searchable - from John Kohnon
The Boatbuilding & Repair section of John's mega site above
Free design resources on the Internet Gavin has the cream of the boat design crop here...
the Boatbuilding Webring - connecting boatbuilders and boatbuilding projects
Great Encouragement to Boatwrights:
The Home Boat Builders Page

        Other folks home boat building projects...

The One Sheet Skif
            with plans from Herb Mcleod!
Joe's Double Paddle Canoe Another single sheet creation...
Wacky Lassie: an instant double paddle canoe to be built and used by kids Fun noodle gunnels!
Bolger Brick "Tetard" - A first-time boatbuilding project by Matthew Long 4x8' square sailer!?
Lark Kayak 8' - sort of a decked dory, Ken Brown design - plans from Clark Craft
Lark Dory - another of Ken Brown's designs built by Herb Mcleod
Little Gem - a Ken Swan boat this one built by Her Mcleod
Richard's Boat Page - a tack and tape Featherwind and a One Sheet Skiff
The below pictures are of a lapstreak skiff being built by Dan Fournier  
 Bolger Boats - a very thorough list of links to many Bolger Boat projects on the web
John Bell's Boatyard IMB, Sport Dory, Windsprint
The Zeiger Family Boat Building Page  Bolger's AS39, Teal, and Martha Jane
The Backyard/Garage Boat Page - geared towards Stevenson's Weekender
AS19 AS29 AS39  Three more Bolger box boats
Fritz's Boat Page Great batch of boats from Juneau Alaska
Gregg Carlson's Boat Building Projects 
    some nice boats from the creator of  Hull Designer software
Craig O'Donnel's Cheap Pages - a plethora of boating and boat building esoterica!
Wes Gardner's Sharpie
Building a tack and tape rowboat.
Building of Toadhall
    Plywood Blocks for Toadhall
Herring Skiff Parent Page
wayfarer dinghy

Fat Guys Building Boats! Visit Kevin Walsh, he's not fat, there's only one of him, and his boat ain't simple but his site is a hoot. He's a very funny writer and an inspiration.

       Boats, Kits... or Plans....

Big List of Boatbuilding Plans and Kits A great list of boat plans, but now hyperlinks ;-(
Shoestring Shipyard Services Page with boats like the Frugal Floater, and the Frugal Skiff you get their priorities... nice looking boats that look easy to build
The One Sheet Skif
            with plans from Herb Mcleod!
bateau.com  Free D4 dinghy plans, stitch and glue manual & much useful info - Now free canoe plans too!
9 foot Sharpie - building instructions online - traditional
"short boats" - old plans from Craig O'donnel and his cheap pages
Dave Carnell's Home Page Nutmeg (Featherwind) his $200 sail boat... I've had 4 adults and 2 dogs in ours!
Uncle Johns Cajun Pirogues and Skiffs  Very reasonable kits, and online plans that you could mostly build from
Swamp Yankee - stitch and glue canoes - clever tortured ply construction
Common Sense Boat & Books
Seaside Small Craft great lapstrake double paddle canoe, and a kit for the weekend skiff by Karl Stambaugh.
HH Payson&Co. boat plans, books and modeling for the novice and experienced builder author of "Build the New Instant Boats" and others... a shopworn handbook for many home builders.
Bevin Sciff  The boat built by families at the Wooden Boat Community events.
The Scow - details and plans for building a 12 ft sailing scow
Upper Deck Boatshop some very reasonably priced stitch and glue kits.
SBI Marine - $6 & $10 rowing and sailing pram plans (and many others)
Scotts Small Wooden Boat Shop very reasonable finished hulls ready for painting. Now also caries plans for his "Little Joe." Very inspiring site.
ClarkCraft -- Boat Kits and Plans tons of plans (not returnable though)
Glen-L Marine designs 
lots of plans in all catagories
Chesapeake Light Craft A leader in kayak and small craft kits.
Stillwater Boats - Canoes: Boat Plans, Boat Kits And Finished Boats good prices on canoe kits.
Silver Gull 28 Cruising boats made like a big Teal! All straight sides of scarfed 4x8 sheets of ply. Big but simple!
Swan Boat Design: Wood boat plans for roawboats, dories, sailboats, and more!
Jordan Wood Boats
!Advanced Kit Boats: modern wooden boatbuilding wood epoxy boat kits powerboats
 Devlin Boat
common sense designs boat kits and plans
Selway boatplans
Build Your Own Boat with Hartley Boat Plans        
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Boat Plans  
Karl Stambaugh's Designs
Crab Design (Plans for easily assembled plywood sailing canoes and a proa, Austria)
Paradox - water ballast sharpie micro-cruising the Bahamas - some of Matt Layden's designs

       Information and education...

Messing About in Boats OnLine   The very best magazine for small boat lovers!
Index of /messingaboutinboats/archives
Duckworks Magazine, Index quickly becoming a highpoint of the web boat building community
Boatbuilder Magazine - The Journal of Boat Design and Construction
The Amateur Yacht Research Society speed oriented but informative "bleeding edge" exploring...
Small Craft Advisor Magazine
D.N.Goodchild re printer of nautical classic books
Shop and Building Tips David Goodchild shares some clever building tips
Boat builder news letter #16 By Glen-L of course promoting their plans but still very informative
Canoe Sailing Resources
The Home Boat Builders Page lots of links to home builders.
WoodenBoat Publications
Wooden Boat's On-Line Search Index
By-The-Sea -- The On-Line Boating Magazine (bythesea, By The Sea)
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
The Maritime History Virtual Archives
North Carolina Maritime Museum - Home Page
Maine Maritime Museum Homepage
BoatSafe Kids! - Boating Safely for Kids
The Boat Shop - Boat Building, Plans, Tools, Links & More 
        David Dean's popular  PBS TV series
Anyboat.com online Ezine

     Supplies, Materials and Tools...

Jamestown Distributors -- Boatbuilding Supplies for the Trade and Craftsman
World Panel - source of Marine Plywood
ShopBot - The CNC WorkShop RoBot  

Nylon Cable Ties
stainless steel nails and screws from USA Manufacturers
Boat building screws, boat nails, carriage bolts
        From Glen L Marine 
Ken Hankinson supplies

Raka Home Page
reasonably priced epoxy (sometime free shipping)
Epoxy Accessories
MAS Epoxy - Some claim its the best if you tend to be sensitive to epoxy
Fiberglass Coatings Inc Lowest cost epoxy I know of. A Florida Company
Hollowood Exotic Plywood Tubing by BrandNew $5ish a foot for small mast sizes - cherry, maple, walnut etc...

        Software - 

Sailcut CAD Software
Junk Sails: A Tutorial
Hulls - an alternative tutorial
Lug Rig Software

        Sails, and sail making or rigging resources...

Lug Sail Association (Angelo Mascaro's SAILING page)
Horizontal Sail Systems A modern adaptation of the crab claw rig
Building A Rig Clear plans to make a sail rig for your canoe
$50 5 hour canoe - cheap plans for a simple rig
DynaWing - Home Page innovative soft wing shaped sails
Aerorig - Home -  a modern version of  the swing rig
Swing Rig info
Celebration of 20 years of the Swing Rig
Junk rig discussion group!
Junk Sails: A Tutorial

    Reference items....

BS 1088 Specifications for Marine Plywood explanation of the British specs.
Regulations for building boats to sell
Love: The Mariner's Jewel, 1735 Explanation of most Sea Terms.
Electric Boats-Technical Information if you're thinking of letting electrons do the pushing here's your site

    Community Boat Building...

Bevin Skiff building instructionsspecs Guide for remote community groups building Bevin Skifs
Building Boats, Building Bridges
Weekend Boatbuilding School
Family Boatbuilding Wooden Boat Magazine


ONElist E-mail Communities Hosts Gavin's Boat Design group, the Bolger group and others.
Dave's Sailing and Boat Building Page
WoodenBoat Show
small sailboat pictures index15 - UK


Four Hour Kayak Boat Instruction Kit A kayak from willow branches and a poly tarp. Really!
HOME BUILT PVC BOAT SYSTEMS rowing and sailing multihulls from PVC pipe
Longsplice, 15' nesting schooner boatplans Strayer Yacht Design boat plans two boats in one!
Meitheal Mara - Researchers and Builders of the Irish Currach, Traditional Boats of Ireland.
Welcome to Sportaboats! Our foldable boat is ideal for fishing & hunting!
Front Rowing System - AQUAMOTION
Messing About In Boats - Crab Claw Cat, Chatham Gunning Skiff Fred Shell offers a model of a small catamaran with two a frame "masts" that lateen or crab claw sails hang from.... clever....
A Folding Foldable Portable Boat Dinghy Porta-Bote Porta-Boat Portaboat Portabote
A Paper Canoe
The Beam Machine! A low-cost chainsaw accessory that turns logs into lumber!
     In case you might want to mill and dry some of your own wood. 
Solar Kilns
A Feature Article by Gene Wengert - solarkiln.html - from the WOODWEB Archives
Special Tools -Solar Kiln
WOODWEB's Sawing and Drying Forum - Message Index
Home Page -- Pedal Pro: Outboard Pedal Power for Small Boats


    Miscellaneous - 

boattraderonline.com - used boats for sale
Melonseed Skiff Home Page  Crawford Boatbuilding
A Comfortable Pocket Cruiser Sailboat he dreams of cruising first in a Compact 19 then a Flicka
Dinghy Cruising Association in the United Kingdom
The Trailer Sailor - Online Resources for the Small Boat Sailor
Marine Weather dot Com
TradBoat - The UK Traditional Boat Site
Shantyboat Page great collection of resources for drifting down a lazy river
Boat Owner's World  http://www.boatowners.com - Listing more than 30,000 marine sites worldwide
BoatingNews.Com     http://www.boatingnews.com Latest boating news

Boat Owner's Classified & Boating Forum http://www.boatowner.com
Windforest Windsox - These folks make beautiful wind socks and work much better on boats than flags! 
Check them out!