Mini-Sharpie - 7' 8" one sheet skiff
Family boat building...

famproudbuilders2.jpg (118911 bytes) Ben and Dean build their first boat! famlaunch12.jpg (24320 bytes)
fammarkmeas.jpg (386051 bytes)      After a tour of the boat, and names of the parts, they are marking and drilling holes.
famgluenail.jpg (380577 bytes)
They spread Titebond II and use 3/4" #14 bronze ring nails to attach the gunnels and the chines.
famgluenail2.jpg (389627 bytes)
They're really hungry and would rather break for lunch but stick with it.
famsidesready.jpg (379504 bytes)
The rails and chine logs are glued and nailed on and the crew is eating lunch while the glue dries.
fam3D.jpg (399326 bytes)
We were too busy to take pictures, but the sides are bent around the frame, in a dry run to make sure the bottom fits. It does so they trace it.

Dean asks... "Isn't it gonna leak a little this way?"

famproudbuilders.jpg (387407 bytes)       Here they are in front of the prototype mini- sharpie in the back ground.
famplane1.jpg (371420 bytes) Time to learn to use a plane to make the sides ready for the bottom.

"How do you make this thing work?"

famplane2.jpg (384104 bytes)        "I think it works more like this." Says Frank...(the proud father)


famplane3.jpg (116439 bytes)                "Now I get it!"
fambottom.jpg (380570 bytes)

The bottom is ready to go on, just a bit more marking and drilling and gluing and nailing.

famproudbuilders2.jpg (118911 bytes)       "All right... We did it! Can we get in it yet?"
famproudbuilders3.jpg (394371 bytes) Hey, Dad helped too....
On to Day Two of family boat building! Deck, quarter knees, and skeg.....

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