Day Two of the Mini-Sharpie - 
Family boat building...

Deck , Quarter Knees and Skeg
famdeckmake.jpg (14548 bytes) The deck is made from the "ear" pieces cut off the bottom. They are glued in the joint with PL Premium and fiberglass mesh tape and PL is used on the under side covered with blue masking tape to reduce bubbling.
famdeckmake2.jpg (23466 bytes)  The deck assembly is temporarily clamped to the gunnels  while the glue dries, producing a perfect "tent" angle.
famknees1.jpg (23700 bytes) famknees2.jpg (21791 bytes) The knees are cut  from the trim at the stern of the bottom.
famkneesnail.jpg (25862 bytes)     Boat builders Dean and Ben are back at it, marking and drilling and nailing like old pros now.
famdecknail1.jpg (26396 bytes)    While getting all the nails started in the deck, there were signs of actual teamwork!
decknail2.jpg (26184 bytes)    Sometimes we had to remember that boat building isn't a race.
famskegdrill.jpg (21388 bytes)       The skeg position is marked and the boys take turns drilling holes.
famsand1.jpg (26416 bytes)     Everyone masks up and - "Let the sanding begin!"
famskeg2.jpg (18925 bytes)    A proud family admires their handy-work.
faminspection.jpg (27542 bytes)    Time to inspect and plan for the next session!


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