Day Three & Four of Mini-Sharpie 

Family boat building...

famslatseat.jpg (17221 bytes) The seat is made of 2 slats of 1x4 conected by 3 1x2 cross pieces. The boys sand the pieces then screw them together. famseatin.jpg (26405 bytes)
famprimer1.jpg (25447 bytes) After one more sanding of the bottom with 120 she's ready for primer.  
famprimer2.jpg (23828 bytes) Teamwork makes the job go quickly.
famcarry1.jpg (35611 bytes)
After lunch she's dry enough to slip the seat in and head for the water to check out our oar lock placement.
famcarry2.jpg (36498 bytes)
A stop at the house for PFDs.
famlaunch1.jpg (65913 bytes)    And she slips into the drink with little ceremony.... "will she float?"
famlaunch2.jpg (64089 bytes)    "I don't see any leaks do you?"
famlaunch3.jpg (14864 bytes)      A little instruction and Dean's off....!
famlaunch4.jpg (64197 bytes)      Ben gets his turn....."How come I'm facing backwards?" 
famlaunch5.jpg (25904 bytes)      Nothing like a brother's loving laughter to motivate....;-)


famlaunch6.jpg (19307 bytes)      It's a tricky process, lots to remember - but little by little they get the hang of it.
famlaunch7.jpg (16628 bytes)          Lookin' pretty good now!      
famlaunch8.jpg (21721 bytes)      Dad joins in to give some pointers.
famlaunch9.jpg (23320 bytes)    " It's getting a little easier...."
famlaunch10.jpg (12742 bytes)
"Hey look, I'm fishing!"
famlaunch11.jpg (12009 bytes) "Standing in a boat with no life vest - you sit down!" (It's only 2 feet deep.)
famlaunch12.jpg (24320 bytes)  Time to carry her back to the shop to paint the topsides.

Day Four - time for more paint...

minsharpfampaint.jpg (28782 bytes) The second coat of primer is going on everything, some even gets on the boat!
minsharpfamdetail1.jpg (16233 bytes) Dean paints the mast partner....
minsharpfamdetail2.jpg (23848 bytes) While Ben takes care of the seat. It was a kind of short work day... but we just had to go out on the Shanty dock and jump off the roof!... aaaahhhh.... and sail little pond skiffs...;-)

Next comes the top coat and the trim paint...

Oh Boy!

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