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Recent pics of the almost finished One Sheet Pram...

Here's a line up...

lineup.jpg (29391 bytes) ...half sheet Summer Breeze model, one sheet Mini-Sharpie, One Sheet Pram, one & a half sheet Wackless Lassie canoe, two sheet Summer Breeze...
3inaboat.jpg (17525 bytes) .Kids love it! 
OSpram1guy.jpg (27940 bytes) .Lot's of freeboard with just me- have to change the oar lock positions.
airfishing.jpg (19810 bytes) .Air fishing! You can't run around in her, but standing is pretty easy.
OSpramlounge.jpg (14176 bytes) .Lounging about....
ospramwaterbarrow.jpg (31216 bytes) .Great for hauling instruments to and from the Shantydock.... is this a "waterbarrow?"
sopram3kids.jpg (18257 bytes) .Three kids having a little fun.
Pc310023.jpg (67908 bytes) .Being snuck up on by a friend in the stealth rowing position.
OSpramocha.jpg (15418 bytes) .It's very important for the trim paint on your skiff to match your dogs life vest...;-)

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