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Summer Breeze Gets Wet! - 
Day Eleven (Oct 26, 2000)

Couldn't resist trying out my new little wooden hand trailer, and rowing her around for a moment. At the community boatbuilding events the skiffs get finished to this stage, all  their ply edges are coated with epoxy, then they go in the drink. At least that's how I justified my impatience...;^)

sbdavidrowS.jpg (10289 bytes) sbdavidrow7S.jpg (9131 bytes)  

sbdavidrow5S.jpg (10268 bytes) sbrowwideS.jpg (9607 bytes)

She rows very nicely. As anticipated with just me (180 lbs) her bow and transom are clear of the water. Forgive the klunky aluminum oars from my portabote. She's destined for some nice wooden ones.

sbwaterlineS.jpg (14277 bytes) sbwaterline2S.jpg (15186 bytes) Here's she is on the wooden trailer. Kayla is inspecting her water lines. I'll do a page on the trailer soon. It's on pneumatic tires like heavy duty hand trucks use. ($8 each) Some bolts and 2 by stock. The tongue detaches and the side bars fold down.

Now back to work on her sailing bits! 

Day Twelve...