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Mike Saunder's tips....

Mike is a boat builder who is active in many of the groups on line. These are the tips he's posted on the Dinghy Cruising group. This is his home page. He's great at devising ways to do things effectively with inexpensive tools.

ripsetup.jpg (41166 bytes) A great way to rip stock with a circular saw. 
Beltdeal.jpg (70354 bytes) He calls this his "Redneck Table-Beltsander" 
Discdeal.jpg (67466 bytes)  A disk version of the same.
rednecklathe1.jpg (36645 bytes) His "Redneck Lathe" uses a couple of screw drivers, saw horses and a belt sander. 
rednecklathe2.jpg (29359 bytes)  This is a great way to round a mast or spar, or even oar shafts.
Rntblsaw.jpg (211526 bytes)  Circular saw mounted under a wood table, with a clamp on fence. (Keep that fence parallel to the blade!)
Str8edge.jpg (53015 bytes)  A straight edge that makes your circular saw as accurate and handy as a panel saw. Better really, as you can cut any angle you choose too.
handlecut.jpg (32506 bytes)  Notching a hoe handle (or closet pole) for oar blades.
sawhorse.gif (14531 bytes) I think Mike is the one who posted these saw horse plans, but I see they are copyrighted by August Home Publishing Co. They look real slick to me.
sawhorsecradle01.jpg (37193 bytes)  This is a modification of the above saw horse plans contributed by a mystery member no longer subsrcibing to the Dinghy Cruising group.


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