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Innovative Methods & Materials for Boat building...

 Here we'll be hosting non main stream uses of methods and materials for boat building. Anyone who has performed tests - successes or failures - with adhesives or paints or coatings etc. that might be helpful to your fellow boat builder please share it here.

PL Premium tests...
Michalak boil tests 
PL&Glass stem
Carnell on Epoxy

Epoxy tid bits...


Latex Paint
Painting Tips

Sandpaper cutter
(it's preping for painting)


Build Methods
Skiff Frame Jig
Gunnels & Chine installed flat

Chine Leveling trick
Carnell's epoxy butt joints
Removable Floatation Seats
Dowel Breasthooks


Carlson's Hull Designer Tips
Mike Saunder's Tips
small tools into big tools
Shorty's tips
Water tight hatches etc.
Lead Pouring
Oar Sleeves from inner tube
Chemo Therapy for Rot

Strength Tests:
Polytarp Tests

U.S. Navy Materials Study

ply joint tests in progress

Rigging & Sail ideas:
*PVC cleats
*Crab Claw experiments
*Wood Mast Hoops
*Double Sails etc.
*Cheap Jonboat Poly Rig
* "dumb sheave"&fair leads
*Rudder hinge alternative
*PVC hole liner or bow loop for small skiff
*Stitchless, tapeless sail making NEW!

Boat Camping ideas:
Plastic storage drawers
Big Sleep space in small boats
Sprayer Shower

Links to build tips:

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