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Painting Tips...

When painting, I use a small 5" wide paint tray and line it with
aluminum foil.  When done painting, I just throw away the foil, and then
can immediately use the paint tray again with another color. Makes for
really quick cleanup.


I use small plastic or styrofoam trays from vegetables, pasta, or (dare I say?) tofu - I line them with plastic wrap. If I'm going to stop painting for a while I use the paint covered plastic wrap to wrap around the foam "hot dog" roller. This will even keep it overnight or for a couple of days. Also keeps the tray clean like Shorty said above, but since I have a stack of these trays that's not as critical. 

That red lacquer based "glazing compound" that Bondo makes can be used on top of your first primer coat to fill pin holes and small dents and flaws. It dries in about 15 minutes.

For a faster job use one of those Wagner "buz" sprayers for latex. Keep a foam brush and foam "hot dog" roller handy to take care of runs. Be prepared in your set up, for over spray.

Latex really does like to cure a lot longer than we are usually willing to give it. Though it dries to the touch very quickly, it can stay rubbery for a week. If you decide to launch prior to full cure, be very gentle on your finish. I've seen some of it come off in sheets.

David Beede

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