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Sprayer Shower...
sprayer.jpg (17676 bytes) This tip from Chuck Leinweber of Duckworks Magazine fame.  Visit his internet nexus of back yard  boat building!
Sprayer Shower:
Sandra and I like to cruise for a week or so at a time. We have found that this is long enough for us to temporarily forget why we wanted to go out on the boat in the first place.  We spend some nights in marinas or at public docks, but we like to stay out in remote areas most of the time. Salt air and warm humid weather conspire to have one feeling rather grungy by the end of the day, and those remote areas that we like so much don't have showers.
When our kids were little, we liked to take them camping at the beach.  We had an old VW van that we slept the kids in, and at dusk, we would line them up, strip them down, and spray them off one at a time.  We bought a pump up sprayer just for the purpose and never used it for anything else. Later we added a Kitchen type spray nozzle to the rig, as the fine mister that comes with the sprayer was always clogging up. 
We have found that if we fill the thing up in the morning, it is warm by midday.  If we forget to set it up, we can heat up a pot full of water on the camp stove and add that to enough cold water to fill the sprayer, and end up with a warm shower.  It is pure heaven.

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