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Sandpaper Cutter....

I'm pretty sure I learned this trick from a book on bright work - which I avoid if at all possible. But if you're going to build boats, or do almost any kind of woodworking, you can't avoid some sanding. Most of us have found a favorite palm sander. Makita, Ryobi, Porter Cable are some brands. Many use 1/4 sheets of standard 9x11 inch sandpaper. After a lot of cutting or folding and tearing you start looking for a better and easier way.

papercut1.jpg (11028 bytes) This jig is just a board with a hacksaw blade screwed to it, mounted on a couple of washers to give room for the paper to slide under easily. 

There are pencil lines on the board you can't see that I line the sheet up with, press on the blade and rip up against the teeth.

papercut2.jpg (11838 bytes) There is another pencil line for alignment for the second cut. 
papercut3.jpg (17736 bytes) You can prepare a lot of sandpaper in no time this way. I buy my two favorite grits, 80 garnet and 120 open coat... in quantity.

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