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Removable Floatation Seats...

One thing I did when I built my One Sheet Skiff was to make simple and quick
seats in the following fashion.

They have the following characteristics.

1: provide buoyancy
2: are removable if I don't want them in

I simply put 3/4" cleats on the side of the hull where I wanted the
seats, but instead of resting the seat on top, they slide in along the
floor (which is flat) underneath the cleats. Friction holds them in
tight enough.

The seats themselves are made of layers of 1.5" foam insulation,
glued together, with a layer of 1/4" ply glued on top. Must use
proper glue for attaching to styro.

Height can be adjusted based on how many layers of styro used.

Gerald "Jazzmanian"



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