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PL Premium Construction Adhesive testimonials:
This is a polyurethane based adhesive manufactured for the construction industry. I learned about it from Herb McLeod. It is extremely strong and water proof. It is in the same category as 3M 5200.

The main page on PL adhesives is here.

What about using PL and glass?

David Colpitts shares the results of a kayak made with PL Premium and drywall mesh tape:

I have archaelogical report on PL and plasterboard glass mesh tape.  You
may not believe it, but true it is.  I recalled my very first completed
boat, which was an Eric Risch redesign of Bob Hicks' original Cockleshell
kayak, actually sort of a Eurostyle cruising canoe, nice design, I think.
 Anyway, a former student at my old high school had helped me pioneer the
glass mesh/PL substitute-for-epoxy, and it proved very servicable,
indeed.  I let him use it for a while, and then every time I intended to
reclaim it, something happened to stop me.  Once, I forgot rope, and
another time it was just too nasty.  I mean filled with water, bugs,
frogs, snakes, and more spiders than you want to paddle with.  That last
time was two summers ago, and I know for a fact that this boat never
spent a night indoors after its maiden voyage.  It lived variously next
to my shed, and then in Nick's yard under a pine tree, and most recently
just leaned up against the garage, in high grass.  This boat is at least
5 years old, and may be six, since I can't remember.  I called and spoke
to Nick's mom yesterday, thinking I could take a picture of what happens
when twenty dollars worth of underlayment (remember, this was a two
sheeter) and 5 dollars worth of chemistry are "ridden hard and put away
wet" for some several years.  I hoped to salvage a plastic hatch (not
cheap at seven bucks then, and 12 now) and some memories.  Imagine my joy
and surprise to find the boat not only intact, but still looking quite
waterworthy.  I am testing it tomorrow, after washing out the spiders.
Some of the PL/primer on the inside shows mildew-quel surpris!- and the
pl is faded and even shows some peeling.  However, this one was the
prototype "PL POLY BRIGHT" finish, wherein I smeared the glue all over
the hull and called it "finish."  I calked the coaming of the cockpit
(made of grey pvc pipe)  and intend to paddle it 5 or 7 miles in the
morning.  I can't take pix now in dark, but will get some in the
daylight.  It really is amazing.  Have I mentioned I love this glue???

I am sending this without photos, and will folllow up soon.



OldPLPremiumBoat.jpg (48832 bytes)

Here are fresh pix of old PL effort, as described in my last
posting last night.  I think they speak volumes, and the boat itself went
6 miles or more with me today, with absolutely no sign of structural
troubles nor leaks.  This stuff is five or six years old, and drastically
abused and never sheltered nor maintained till last night's spiderectomy.

OldPLPremiumBrightFinish.jpg (34370 bytes) OldPLBulkheadChine.jpg (35566 bytes)
OldPLPremiumdrywalltape.jpg (37937 bytes) OldPLPremiumBulkhead.jpg (31473 bytes)


A few folks, like David Copitts of Mouse Boat fame, are exploring this area. I've done one experiment with it on the inside bow "stem" of an 11.5 ft double paddle canoe I made. You can view that test here.



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